The Usages of L-Tartaric Acid

L (+) – tartaric acid is widely used as a acidulant for beverage, and other food, used for wine, soft drinks, candy, bread, some colloidal sweets.

Using the optical activity, as the chemical separation agent, used in the manufacture of anti-tb drugs intermediates DL – amino butanol split; L (+) – tartaric acid can also be used as chiral materials in the synthesis of tartaric acid derivatives;

Using its acid, used as catalyst for the resin finishing of polyester fabric, oryzanol production of PH regulator;

Using its complexation, used for electroplating, desulfurization, pickling and chemical analysis, medical inspection of complexing agent and masking agent, chelating agent, printing and dyeing of reserving agent;

Using its reducibility, it is used as a reducing agent for chemical mirror and photographic developer for taking pictures. With a variety of metal ions can also be used for metal surface cleaning and polishing agent.

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If you want know more information about tartaric acid, you can visit us website or contact us. Our company-Shanhong Chemical Co, Ltd was founded in 2007. We specialize in the production of fine chemicals and food additives which can be widely used in food, medical, chemical and construction industries. Our major products include DL-tartaric acid, L-(+) – tartaric acid, D (-) – tartaric acid, potassium sodium tartrate and many other tartaric salts. With years of development, we have been one of the major suppliers of tartaric acid in China.

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